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Copywriting in the work of translators and translations of advertising texts are classified as complex services. Strictly speaking, the term "adaptation" is applied to these texts, not "translation", since such materials always have a specific task in the form of influencing a specific target audience of a certain age, gender, social status.

Since the audience in different countries is very different, the effectiveness of the text is determined by the ability of the translator to understand which target group he is addressing, what exactly needs to be said specifically for this group and how to transform the original text so that it achieves its intended goals. In other words, such work goes beyond the scope of translation.

In Western countries, marketing texts are written and translated (i.e. adapted) by copywriters, this profession has long become widespread there and the competencies of translators and copywriters are quite clearly divided.

Copyright is significantly more expensive than text translation, and in our practice this translates into a 30-50% mark-up that we charge when working with such texts.

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